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Veterans Coalition Party of Canada 🇨🇦

Veterans Coalition Party of Canada Party 


•CPP will no longer be taxed as income. The optional age to begin receiving the CPP will be lowered to the age of 55. We will look at adding a separate optional CPP RRSP contribution.

• Old Age security plan will be modernized and qualifying amounts will be adjusted for inflation. 

• Will develop a plan with full consultation forming an Alliance with First Nations dealing with education discrepancies and languages. Provide clean drinking water on all First Nations Reserves and Territory’s. Will recognize, honour, respect all treaties so we can all move forward together. All residential school survivors will be compensated for suffering loss with pensions and medical psychology treatment 

• Setting conditions for Canadian economic growth. 

• Support our country’s exports to world markets. 

• Give Canada a balanced budget, cut wasteful government spending, and reduce operating budgets of federal agencies. 

• Give Canada a viable plan to repay our current national debt, without creating new taxes.

• Reduce overall taxes on all Canadians. 

• Reduce the pay of all Members of Parliament by 20% immediately upon our party being elected. 

• We would raise the age of entitlement to draw MP’s pensions to 60 years. The formula to calculate their pensions will be changed to 4% per year of average annual salary times years served in the House of Commons.

 • Will strengthen employees’ rights in the workplace. This will also include strengthening rules on the use of back to work legislation in favor of unions 

• We will remove the bridged calculation from retired military and RCMP member’s pensions 

• Review Canada’s refugee policies and implement changes as required. Enforce Canada’s existing laws for illegal immigration and deportation. 

• We will respect Canadian owners of firearms and recognize that there is no need to impose more restrictions on legal and law-abiding firearms owners in Canada. 

• Will repeal all carbon taxes and appoint a royal commission to prepare a comprehensive and stringent plan to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. 

• Review/repeal Canada’s donations and contributions to the United Nations and other Nations. 

• Repair the current New Veterans Charter for those who have defended our country and reinforce the sacred obligation. 

• Will review and repair every law that the past government has weakened. 

• Will work with the provinces to standardize child care programs and develop strong support programs to get parents back to work. 

• Repeal the immigrant compact and limit migration to a max of 250,000 per year. Also streamline the immigration policy to align with the demands of our job market.